Waves splashed against the side of the ship. Some of them came over the railing, leaving foam bubbling on the metal deck.
About a dozen people on board were leaning over the railing expectantly gazing at the sea.
What in the world were they looking for on the vast expanse of the ocean? They were looking for whales! In fact, they were on a whale watching ship. Whales, as you know, are huge mammals that live in the ocean. They are the largest animals in the ocean.

  Among those who came to watch the whales was a cat with eyes glistening like two glowing emeralds! He was a large gray and white cat named Junior.
He was sitting on the foredeck at the very front of the ship, gazing as intently at the ocean as any of the humans present.
Just like the people, he had come on board to watch whales, but he had another reason too!
Truth to tell, he had a secret desire to eat a whale!

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